Merino Tshirts roundup

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Tom Bihn :: Synapse 25

“Great organising, excellent build quality, and incorporates the modular system for hanging laptops, tablets and tech.”

Outlier Merino/Co Shirt Review and resources

- Outlier Merino/CO - The best merino shirt in the market - I bought one as soon as it came out, new fabric by outlier, merino mixed with cotton. Receive it, realise how awesome it is and order another one. - It has all the qualities of a merino tshirt but with a sharp look, regulates body temperatureo and keeps you warm/cool in a broad range of temperatures. - Can be used a lot between washings, The one I was afraid that it would also shrink was used around 20 times before I washed it. - doesn’t wrinkle, perfect for traveling - Washed the shirt, it shrunk a lot. - Read about it online, there’s a notice on the sizing page - Write outlier support, after 45 days trial period - it’s their fault, the fabric shrank, they will replace for other items/credit - merino mixed with cotton - awesome fabric, thick, nice draping - intense colour - pivot sleeve, really comfortable - Can be wore for 20 times without washing - Cons - shank a lot - it’s being fixed slowly