Outlier Slim Dungarees


To review the slim dungarees by outlier it's really easy. They are the best pants I've ever had and I doubt that anything on the market comes close to them.

I don't wear my APC anymore because compared to the dungarees they suck when it comes to comfort. I've used them every single day for about 3 months, the water and stain resistance works great and they wash fine and dry very fast, it doesn't look like they will fade and they will probably last more than 10 years wearing them hard (seriously)

Amazing fabric, extremely comfortable and very, very durable. All the info and hype on the outlier page about them seems to be true.

They fit, as can be seen on the pictures, quite slim but they stretch so they are really comfy. I wear a 31 (29 in APC PS) and my real waist is 33 so go with the Technical Waistband in the sizing chart for a perfect fit.

This article does a great job explaining most details of the pants : Case Study: Outlier on creating the 21st century jean

I guarantee you that you'll love them. Ihave to order them from europe with 25$ shipping and 30% more in taxes and they still are worth the money. I'm going to order a pair in black as soon as I can.

Before ordering I read everything I could find about them and there's not a single bad comment except for the price. In this topichttp://www.styleforum.net/t/219296/outlier-tailored-performance-clothingthey talk a bit about them too.

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